Adapt™ Premium Condensing Ultra-Low NOx Tankless Water Heater with X3® Scale Prevention Technology Rep Certification

American Water Heater’s ADAPT™ premium condensing gas tankless water heaters deliver robust, on-demand performance and the flexibility to install in practically any residential setting. Easily add scale prevention protection by replacing the bypass cartridge with an optional X3 cartridge sold separately — which can make the heat exchanger last up to three times longer than a standard tankless water heater while maintaining like-new performance.

Please watch all Premium Condensing Tankless videos on the page before completing the certification test

1. How It Works (1.29 minutes)
2. Features and Benefits (1.29 minutes)
3. Application and Installation (9.06 minutes)
4. Installing the Cartridge (1.32 minutes)
5. Navigating the Controls (2.07 minutes)
8. Unboxing the Adapt Premium tankless Water Heater (0.30 minutes)
9. Outdoor Installation (1.49 minutes)
10. Setting the Pump Timer (2.27 minutes)

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